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Tailor-made energy

ELETTRICA B&C specialises in custom-made industrial electrical panels.

Elettrica B&C

Over thirty years of experience

A technical team expert in the design, wiring, installation and maintenance of custom-made electrical systems, Elettrica B&C’s mission is to offer the guarantee of work that meets the specific needs of each customer, developed with cutting-edge tools and innovative techniques.

Everything in order

The systems are manufactured according to the current standards and certifications


Standard CEI 64-8

Low-voltage systems must be carried out according to the safety regulations expressly required by MD 37/08.



Declaration of conformity as a matter of course: the system is manufactured in line with safety and technical regulations

Tailor-made services

Projects designed according to the specific needs of each client


Specialised experts and specific information systems to design and produce the systems


We also rely on external resources to support our internal systems


A 500 sqm space dedicated to the housing of certified and periodically checked systems


Qualified and trained independent technicians working all over the world


In order to guarantee the best quality of service, we employ senior technicians to carry out our work


1500 sq. metres for spare parts of standard products, giving us the possibility of immediate intervention

Remote Monitoring

To ensure maximum security and monitoring, assistance can also be provided remotely

Aftersales assistance

Our telephone assistance service is always available